Anime sucks

10 11 2010

Or does it? Well I think anime is like graffiti….in the way that…. there are very few valuable works out there. The ones that I do find tasteful are pretty spectacular though. Here are my very lonely anime preferences.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. A very dark and exquisitely animated film. There are more than a few cheesy/phony moments. But it is most certainly worth it.

Cowboy Bebop. Someone once asked me what sort of anime I liked. I simply said, “just cowboy bebop”. He said something like… “oh… so you are into noir anime huh?” I am by no means an anime expert but I am fairly sure this is the only noir anime out there. Or at the very least, there are not many…. *shrug*

Hellsing. The show itself has far too many annoying animeisms to actually watch. However some of the imagery in the scenes are really up my alley.

Berzerk. I have not seen much of this. My friend Eliana introduced me briefly to the show. More demonic imagery….. demons are definitely an interest of mine.




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