Rock me like a Skinner-Painting

13 10 2011

Slipping into the mainstream like a vicious beast, skinner is combing through the art magazines like crap through a goose. He deserves every bit of publicity he gets… spectacular stuff!

Matthew Kirscht

4 11 2010

I came across this painter via my flickr account. He runs very hot and cold with me. Some of the stuff feels too… cartoonish for my taste. Regardless he really knows what he is doing and has a great body of work out there.

Genesis Post

23 09 2010

Alright, I like to just grip it and whip it. So I thought I should start with a painter. One of my favorites: Daniel Richter. Unfortunately, this video has a soundtrack that I find to be a little bit….. well, not good. Conversely the paintings displayed in the video are of somewhat high quality and cover a great deal of his work without the manual labor of clicking through several websites.