More questions than answers

2 11 2010

I have skimmed through a good chunk of this site. I am largely baffled at exactly… what I am looking at here. All I can say for sure is that, this can be used for a painting in some way, and I want to spend some sunday in the near future investigating how. Some of the questions that have arisen in my mind are: “do these… artifacts… melt at room temperature?” “who are these people that came up with this?” and “I wonder how many people are aware of this…. procedure?”

Invaluable quotations

2 11 2010

My perspective towards art has changed little since my teenage years. At times it may come across as juvenile and naive to other fine artists. I came across these quotes a couple years ago in the hopes of finding some supporting evidence for my viewpoint. A painting, does not, have to mean anything.

Acrylic / Gel Medium Transfers

2 11 2010

Not the most attractive site by any means. There really is not a easily found source of navigation (the links are at the bottom of the page). However the content is quite useful. The site claims to be the biggest in the world for transfers. I find that hard to believe and I intend on looking into it at some point.

Newcomer –

14 10 2010

I came across this blog that has been posting like mad; for the month of october that is…. Even though it isn’t very extensive (not that my blog is or anything) it has a very clear bias. And I like biases. As long as they can sway me.

The author clearly has an eye for talent/skill/precision/academic know-how. However, I am so picky when it comes to painters and 2d imagery that I could only find one painter that I was jealous of (refer to “happy ending” image).

I intend to keep my eye on these guys/guy/ladies/lady…..