Anthony L. Barkhaus IV

8 12 2010

My dear friend and roommate Anthony is an amazing poet. Sometime I argue that my work is more like poetry than anything else. The meaning lies within somewhere murky and distant. Its better off undisturbed in my opinion. So here is my favorite. If the mood strikes me I might illustrate it…

With That Said

Here we are again. In the beginning there was light.

Evil soon followed. Darkness latching to it’s coat tails.

Whispers amoung the broken tumble on deaf ears.

Who would want all of the ruckus, who would want

to handle the drunks palming the bar like excited

children eager to touch the puppy? If you ask me

none of this is worth the wait the lines are long

my bladder is soon to be bursting and I can not

stand with you looking like a shadown in the hall.

Keep quiet dear you will wake the neighbors and

they will call the pilicemen. Again they will take

me away, lock me away. From you and the life

I have so bitterly placed together. I am hungry.

It is late. You are a banshee calling nonsense to

the bedroom. Please let me be alone. Let me be

bothered no more. I am no longer a radical animal.

I am a flower buried in a shirt. Dirty from the night.